Eternal Vigilance is the price of Good Unionism

Harry Van Arsdale Jr.

Pedro Luis Besonia

Pedro Luis Besonia was born on June 30, 1957, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Just before his seventh birthday, his Cuban father passed away unexpectedly due to heart complications. The Revolution of 1965 occurred just several months later causing Pedro and his mother to suffer the additional loss of their family business. Under these circumstances, they could no longer remain in Santo Domingo and relocated to Puerto Rico for new opportunities. The family once again moved in 1970 to the Bronx, in search of a better life for both Pedro and his younger brother Wilson.

Pedro observed early in life the importance of hard work through his mother Maria. She supported the family as both a saleswoman and member of the International Ladies Garment Workers Union. Pedro also contributed by working at a local grocery store during his years in junior high school, where he averaged fifty hours per week. In high school, he became a part-time employee at Fedco supermarket while also selling Stanley Home products for additional income. When Pedro graduated from James Monroe High School in 1976, he had already established a solid work ethic that continued into his adult life.

In September of 1978, Brother Besonia was initiated into the “A” Apprenticeship program. After completing the program and becoming an “A” journeyman, he completed the following industry sponsored courses: Lockout Tag Out, Rigging, High Voltage Safety and Telephone & Data Communication. Since joining, Pedro has continued his commitment to the Local Union #3 and has been involved in multiple areas of the Santiago Iglesias Educational Society.

Brother Besonia has served as Board of Director, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Vice President and Secretary of the SIES Credit Union. He continues to play for the SIES Softball team and has been the Captain for the Bowling team for 22 years. Pedro has been an active member of Local Union #3 working on the 363 Organizing Drive and many others. He is also a member of the Wage and Policy Committee and the 2010 Union Contract Negotiation Pension Committee. In addition, Pedro is a member of both the Electrical Workers Minority Caucus and Sportsman Club of Queens.

Pedro demonstrates good moral and character, and has gained the respect and trust of other members. Through this dedication, Brother Besonia became President of the Santiago Iglesias Educational Society. It is certain that our Brother will continue his commitment to Local Union #3 and its members.

Brother Besonia currently resides in New Jersey with his wife Betsy and daughters Yasmin and Kiara.