Eternal Vigilance is the price of Good Unionism

Original S.I.E.S. Emblem

Many years ago the leadership of the SIES designed an Emblem for the Organization. It was a not just an Emblem, but a statement of our condition, plight, and mission as Latinos in America. There were four hands reaching out for opportunities in Housing, Education, Employment and Justice behind a fence that continued to keep us out. The fence was representative of the discrimination in behavior, legislation and ignorance which back in the fifties made it short of impossible for Latinos to advance. Hence our Motto “Luchandos Por Nuestros Derechos”, (“Fighting For Our Rights”)

For our 40th Anniversary, and with the organizations evolution the emblem was redesigned, the fence was removed. Now, that is not to say that all the wrongs that existed at the time have been corrected. But, certainly through legislation many of the discriminatory practices have been corrected. Increasingly more opportunities became available to our members. Throughout our over 50 year history, we have made significant gains. We have had many successes and achieved many accomplishments. Some which include leadership positions within Local #3, positions in the field such as sub-forman, foreman, shop stewards, project managers, electrical enigeers and superintendents have all been realized through our hard work and diligence. We must challenge our selves physically, academically and spiritually, if we are to survive this economy and remain qualified, employable and relevant. We must never forget that the labor movement is a story of struggle.  And for us, the Struggle never ends.