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Harry Van Arsdale Jr.

Scholarship History

Jose Lopez Memorial Scholarship Fund:


The Santiago Iglesias Educational Society has been in existence for over fifty years, during which time its leaders, past and present, have always instilled in its members a desire to become a more informed and skilled work force. Founder José López believed in an educated work force to combat the Latino hardships in the U.S. One of his dreams during his leadership was to establish a scholarship program for the Santiago Iglesias Educational Society. This program would give financial benefits to the children and grandchildren of its members.

In 1991, under the leadership of then President, Edwin López; Rosendo “Tito” Fernández began the legal work to establish such a program with the help of Vito Mundo from the law office of Manor, Traner and Mundo. It would be remiss not to mention that Vito Mundo donated his time and resources in helping to incorporate the scholarship fund. By 1992 the State of New York had granted the José López Memorial Scholarship Fund a certificate of incorporation, and tax-exempt status was given by the Internal Revenue Service. By the end of 1992 what was once a dream became a reality. In honor of his devotion to the Labor Movement and the betterment of working-class men and women, the Scholarship was named in memory of the late José López.

At first, members of the society donated three hundred dollars to fund the scholarship. A series of fundraisers, most notably the annual 5K Walk/Run, also helped in raising funds. Continuing efforts of a one time, two-hundred dollar membership donation, the Howard Latimar / S.I.E.S. Basketball fundraising Tournaments and interest paid to our portfolio has helped the scholarship grow to its current level. Under the leadership of Scholarship President, Ramón Soriano and Treasurer, Edwin Napoleoni the fund grew from $5,000.00 in the early 1990‟s to $74,000.00 by 2003. Today, under the leadership of The Funds President, Louis Alvarez and Treasurer, Timothy Rosich the fund is respectably worth $100,000.00. In 1994 the first award was given in the amount of $500.00; in the year 2000 the award was increased to $1,000.00. From the year 2003 to present the award given for academic achievement is $4,000.00. In the near future, we hope to increase the scholarship amount by another one thousand dollars.

The Santiago Iglesias Educational Society and the José López Memorial Scholarship Fund would like to thank our sister clubs, members of our own club, all those outside our union and our leaders within Local #3 in helping us transform what was once a dream into today‟s reality. We are very proud in our efforts in helping our young realize their dreams and successful endeavors of tomorrow.