Eternal Vigilance is the price of Good Unionism

Harry Van Arsdale Jr.

Gilbert Medina

Gilbert Medina was born on June 2, 1968, to a Puerto Rican father and a Hawaiian mother, growing up in the Bronx the youngest of 5 siblings. In Junior High School he was introduced to video production, an interest and skill that he would use throughout his career. After High School he attended Borough of Manhattan Community College, studying in their communications program, receiving his associates and graduating with honors.

Brother Medina started the “A”-apprenticeship in September of 1989 and was put to work in the industry shortly afterward. Upon completing the apprenticeship and receiving his journeyman status he worked as a journeyman, layout man, sub-foreman, foreman, shop steward, and in traffic maintenance in the J division of local 3. In 2016 he received his bachelors degree from Empire State University in labor studies.

He has been fortunate to head a video committee in local 3 where he has used his skills in that arena along with Brothers Hector Vazquez, Joe Chizmar, Brandon Leung, Ken Lao and sister Jessica Tapia to help document and tell some of Local 3’s stories. Brother Medina was afforded the opportunity to do such things as interview Thomas Van Arsdale and record his history, travel to the 2006 IBEW convention in Cleveland on the 5th anniversary of September 11, to record the Sword of Light opening up the convention in honor of our lost brothers, and produce a video and still ad for Local 3 IBEW, the Joint Industry Board of the Electrical Industry, and the New York chapter of NECA that was shown at the inaugural Pin Stripe Bowl in the new Yankee Stadium. He continues to help train the next generation of communicators for our industry.

Among his duties he has been the President of Fourth Housing Corporation in Electchester since November of 2007 and is very proud of helping to make Fourth Housing a success and a great place to live.

Brother Medina is a member of the Santiago Iglesias Educational Society where he has been a board of director, recording secretary, vice president and president of the club.

Brother Medina sits on the Wage and Policy Committee of Local 3, the foreman committee and he is also a member of the Electrical Workers Minority Caucus

.Brother Medina resides in Flushing and is married to his lovely wife Vicky and they have two wonderful children Kanoa and Joy.