Eternal Vigilance is the price of Good Unionism

Harry Van Arsdale Jr.

The “Santiagos” Softball Team

The “Santiagos” have represented the Santiago Iglesias Educational Society since the early 1980‟s in the Local #3, Interboro Softball League and have always been a competitive force. The Santiago Iglesias Softball Team have dominated the league for many years, winning several champships in a row. Danny Muniz now leads the team as team manager, after the passing of the previous manager, Hector Muniz, Danny’s father. Hector did an outstanding job and will always be remembered. Pictured, is the “Santiagos” team ballplayers, their children, Business Representative, Benjamin Arana, Assistant Business Manager, Luis G. Restrepo, S.I.E.S. Officers and members along with family members who always support the team.