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S.I.E.S. Annual Blood Drive

In the November of 2006, an idea was brought up at our S.I.E.S., Board meeting. The thought was to start a Blood Drive for the N.Y.C. Blood Center. We voted and unanimously agreed to sponsor a Blood Drive at the following March, S.I.E.S. Membership meeting. Board Member, Edwin Napoleoni was appointed Chairman and made the arrangements and coordinated the Blood Drive with the New York Hospital Queens Blood Center. At the first Blood Drive we were able to get 26 pints of Blood donated by our members and that number has been steadily rising each year. The Blood Drive has grown to include members of The Bronx Acorn Club and also members of The United Federation of Teachers, who work at the U.F.T. building in which we have our monthly meeting. At our meeting held on April 24th 2011 we were proud to have been able to get over 50 pints of blood donated. As always the S.I.E.S. strives to help out in any way we can within the community and this is another example of how we give back as Local Union #3 Members.