Eternal Vigilance is the price of Good Unionism

Harry Van Arsdale Jr.

Anthony Esponda

Anthony Esponda was born and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y. His parents, Rosa and Pedro Esponda both Puerto Ricans, had nine children, Anthony being the second youngest child. As the son of a blue-collar worker, Anthony learned early on of the importance of hard work. He attended Eli Whitney Vocational High School where he studied air conditioning and refrigeration and graduated in 1977.

Anthony was initiated into Local Union #3, IBEW, in 1978 where he worked in the manufacturing division. He is a thirty-one year member of Local Union # 3 and has worked most of his career in the lighting fixture industry.

Mr. Esponda was initially trained in CNC computerized manufacturing in 1989 and has continued his education at every opportunity. As a rank and file member in the manufacturing division, he has worked in nearly every facet of the manufacturing sector of the industry. He began his career as a general helper, assisting others in various departments, became a sheet metal mechanic and worked in the engineering department as a fabricator programmer where he learned Auto-CAD and CNC computer software programs for production purposes. He was later promoted to Assistant Foreman and Foreman and worked in various capacities of the manufacturing process of lighting fixtures. In December of 2001 he was appointed Shop Steward of Edison Price Lighting.

On April 13th, 2006 Anthony was appointed as Business Representative of Manufacturing by Business Manager, Thomas Van Arsdale. He is currently working under Assistant Business Manager of Manufacturing, Luis G. Restrepo, and represents 35 companies in the Manufacturing division of IBEW Local Union #3. He is working closely with Local Union # 3 organizer, Ryan Hughes, on organizing new companies into the Manufacturing division. Always eager to serve the interests of the membership of the Union, Anthony negotiated a four million dollar severance package for the workers of ASCO, earlier this year, when the company announced they were closing their plant and moving their operations to North Carolina and Mexico.

Always looking to further his education, Anthony is currently attending Empire State College and Cornell University where he is studying for his Bachelor of Science degree in Labor Studies. He is a Member and Trustee of the Santiago Iglesias Educational Society and is on the Board of Trustees for the Employees Security Pension, Health and Welfare Fund and is a member of The Electrical Workers Minority Caucus.

Anthony Esponda and his lovely wife Wanda, have three children; Christina, Anthony Esponda Jr. and Vanessa. In his spare time Anthony enjoys fishing and reading.