Broadway and Comedy Shows

The club is always looking to plan activities that let us all meet outside the usually Club meeting setting. We have been setting up annual “Night at the Theatre” with our members. Over the years we have gone to see dance shows and Broadway and Off-Broadway plays that pertain to our history and culture at the same time enjoying the camaraderie. In 2002 we went to see “Four guys named Jose and one girl named Maria”. most recently we went to see “Celia” which was a musical based on the life of Celia Cruz, we also went to see “In the Heights” and “Platanos and Collard Greens” which centered on the day to day life struggles that Latinos face while living in New York City. In the Spring of 2011, we made arrangements to go see ”El Dia De Las Mariposas”. We usually get between 60 to 80 people, mostly couples to attend and meet in small groups before the play for dinner. We also try to get together after the shows and stop by a local lounge or club to relax and socialize. For the past several years our members have been going to comedy shows in The Bronx. We get a small group of about 30 members, their spouses and friends to attend. We try to go to 6 comedy shows throughout the year. We always have a great and fun time.