Leonard M. Korman


Business Representative,
Local Union #3, IBEW

Leonard M. Korman was born in New York City. His father is Polish and Russian, his mother was born in Spain and raised in Puerto Rico. Lenny graduated from George Washington High School majoring in Electrical Installations. Initiated into Local #3, IBEW, in 1976, he earned an Associate‟s Degree in Labor Studies from the Harry Van Arsdale Jr. School of Labor Studies and has also graduated from Hofstra University with a Bachelors degree in Education and is presently pursuing his Masters Degree.

Lenny became a Job Steward in 1981, and has served under Business Representatives Bernard Rosenberg, Dennis McSpedon, Joseph McByrne Jr., and Mark Hanson. As a job Steward, Lenny represented Local #3 in many NLRB hearings rendering testimony due to organizing activities and unfair labor practices committed by non-union contractors. In addition he completed the High Voltage and Safety course, Citizenship course and the Asbestos License course. Lenny has always been actively involved in the organizing of various electrical contractors, supply houses and fire alarm companies, many which were minority owned.

Brother Leonard was very successful in the campaign against non-licensed electrical contractors with the objective to get them removed from the job and have violations issued by City Inspectors, and them encouraging General Contractors, Building Management and Building Owners to use Local #3 electrical contractors. On August 29, 1994, Local #3, Business Manager, Thomas Van Arsdale appointed Lenny to Business Representative as Compensation Director, where he has been a tireless worker for the members of Local #3.

Lenny has always been an active member of Local #3. He has served on the Wage and Policy Committee, 1992 Contract Negotiating Committee, Inspector at the General Membership Meetings and General Election and as a leader in the Salting Activities conducted by Local #3. Lenny is also a member of the Colony Club, Westchester Mechanics and is an Advisor to The Santiago Iglesias Educational Society. In October of 2001 he received The Jose Lopez Memorial Award at our Annual Dinner Dance.

Lenny and his wife, Frances, have three children, Leonard Charles, John George and Rita Marie

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