President’s Message


Dear brothers and sisters,

Welcome to the website for the Santiago Iglesias Educational Society.  Our organization is one of the oldest Latino labor organizations in the United States of America, being established in 1958.  Our start can be proudly traced to Harry Van Arsdale Jr. and a study tour that he with the help of Cornell University took to the Island of Puerto Rico.  Their aim was to better understand the Puerto Rican labor force that was growing not only in New York City but was also very prevalent in the manufacturing division of Local 3 IBEW.


Over the fifty plus years of this societies existence it has endeavored to support and answer the call of our great union, Local 3 IBEW.  Our founding members believed on the tenants of education, justice, and activism.  It is our goal to continue that legacy and tradition today.  Today’s membership is reflective of the progressiveness that those founders showed.  We have members from every Spanish speaking country on the globe. They represent many of the divisions in Local 3, they have multifaceted positions in and outside of our union.


We encourage you to come and be a part of that membership and attend our monthly meetings on the last Thursday of the month.  We offer many and varied ways that you can join in and help to contribute to help in labors fight to better the lives of everyone around us.  A fight that is led by Local 3.



Gilbert Medina

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