Willie Olivera


Willie was born in New York City on December 30 1963 to Wilfred and Ramona. His parents were born in Puerto Rico and migrated to New York City as children. Wilfred and Ramona married in 1960 the same year that Wilfred became a Local #3 electrician.  As a child Willie remembers his father bringing home blueprints and going over them after dinner at the dining room table.  Willie would ask questions about the prints and his father would answer all his questions.  Wilfred was a foreman in the early seventies when there were not many Hispanic foremen.  Willie remembers many of the struggles Wilfred had and this aspired Willie to become a better foreman.

Willie was initiated into Local #3 as an apprentice in 1984.  As an apprentice Willie attended Farmingdale State University where he received an electrical engineering degree.   After receiving his A Journeyman card Willie became a Sub Foreman, Foreman and General Foreman. Willie has run various size jobs large and small over the past 20 years.  Recently he was a General Foreman at the new Jet Blue terminal in Kennedy Airport where he oversaw the installation of the baggage handling system and the fire alarm system. He is a member of the Santiago Educational Society, Keystone Club, Colony Club and the Futurian Society where he is one the instructors of the Citizenship Responsibility Course.  He also has certificates in AutoCAD where he utilizes the program in the field.

Willie and his wife Ivelise have been married over twenty years.  They have three daughters Desiree, Elissa and Jasmine.